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Motherhood by annakoutsidou Motherhood by annakoutsidou
Pencil Drawing | A3 Paper , H2, H4, F, B2, B3, B5

On August 30th, 2008, a boy was hit by a bus in Antalya's Aksu district of Turkey. The boy, whose identification was unknown, went into a coma. Gülsüm Kabadayı, who was also at the hospital with a relative who was receiving treatment, decided to do something about the situation and ended up taking on the boys care. Bone analysis showed he was 17 years old at the time and he was referred to by the name Umut, which means 'hope'. Eventually, he was given an identification card under the name "Mustafa Öz" and his birth date was written as January 1st, 1992.
Till today , none knows anything about his past and Kabadayı looks for his mother.
It is worth noting that her ex husband helps her everyday and goes to her house doing physiotherapy twice everyday.

Doctors said he had no hope to live but a mothers love can do anything even miracles.

Dedicated to Gülsüm Kabadayı who has taken on the role of mother for a paralyzed 21-year-old Russian boy in Antalya for the past four years. And every mother in the world !

:iconbeauroseplz:MOTHERHOOD is a matter of heart , not blood .
:iconbeauroseplz:L.O.V.E. has no boundaries or borders .

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July 26, 2013
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